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We all have situations that are discouraging. When things don't look like they will work out you can maintain hope through the power of the Force. Focus on the Force until you overflow with hope, and you won't be bothered by circumstances. You won't be discouraged when it hasn't happened yet. You won't be worried if you don't see a way because you know the Force is making plans for you.

When problems bring discouragement, thank the Force and focus with the hope that there is a way. Think of the Force instead of the obstacles. Your situation may seem impossible, but one touch of the Force and everything will change - a good break, cures, you meet the right person.  The right people will make it happen better than you imagined. What a relief!

It's powerful when we say that goodness and compassion follow us while visualizing the thing we trust will come. Being absolutely convinced that good things are coming will initiate the Force's promise and turn the situation around. Start believing goodness and compassion are following you. You will overflow with hope and realize your dreams.