About Begin Rest Overcome Blog by Date Calming Technique

The Force will use setbacks to maneuver us into a better future - better than we expected. He promises and delivers dreams but doesn't say how or when they will happen. The Force works in ways we don't see. We don't have to understand the process. He's directing our steps. Trying to control every eventuality can even delay the Force's plan. Let go of control and trust he is working behind the scenes. The hardships we face are our ticket to the future.

Release your worry and frustration. Stop trying to figure it all out. The Force knows what he's doing and has you in his circle of protection. It may not happen as you expect, but he's taking you somewhere better than you imagined. Maintain hope - the adversity will actually work for us in the end, and we learn from the past. If you didn't experience that disappointment you might never find your dream job, meet the right person, make the right connection, see a business opportunity, or learn of the Force.

Delays and closed doors position us to achieve our purpose. It may take time and patience. But he is aligning you with your next big break. Focus on hope, believe the situation will turn around, and do what you can. Anticipate the reward that is coming. Then leave the details to the Force. We will recover, heal, and rebuild. Life will start to feel normal. Hopes and dreams will return. Relax and know that the Force will bring about something wonderful.