Blog Trust the Force Waiting Adonde Sleep Meditation

The Force formed me. He knows my talents and weaknesses, as well as every detail of my situation and the potential results of any decision I might make. The Force knows what is best for my life. His plan for me, which is motivated by wisdom and love, is executed with perfect timing. This last part can be hard to accept, especially when it involves waiting. But patience is often part of the plan.

My human nature wants instant gratification, but in some seasons of life, the Force teaches me to trust him and wait for rewards. I practice humility and surrender to him when I submit to his timetable. Of course, there is another option. The Force gave me the free will to choose his plan or step away from it. When life does not follow my desired path, I can try to make things happen under my own power. Although this option is tempting at uncomfortable times, it often leads to disappointment and difficulty, and I end up missing the best future the Force’s wants for me – and even more happiness.

There are promises of success and abundance which I can claim throughout life—and the Force always comes through. I serve the Force. I submit to unlock my full potential in the Force. As the Force's follower, I believe with confidence, anticipate with hope, and wait quietly - patiently. In the meantime, I listen and obey. I embrace the season the Force has me in right now. Some days may be a time of action. If it’s a time of waiting, I choose patience. I trust that his plan for me is beautiful. Walking in the ways of the Force requires me to remain sensitive to his prompting. When I readily listen to the Force, he protects me from making mistakes.