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If you like you can get into a comfortable place now. Take care of any physical distractions such as noise or light. Find a temperature and a place to lie down that is most comfortable for you. You might put on relaxing music listen to this audio alone.




When you're ready close your eyes and relax as you listen to my voice. Just relax and let me guide you in focusing on the guidance of the Force. You may be having trouble falling asleep because of worry or anxiety, so as we begin let me lead you in focusing on surrendering to the Force's generosity. As you hear this focusing story feel yourself relaxing, falling back and surrendering yourself into the loving and forgiving arms of the Strong Force - releasing the weight of your worldly cares as you focus on the light of our hero's story of the defeat, capture and triumph and the Great Force. Let me focus for you now on hope. Great and peaceful Force, you give this child sleep to refresh the soul and body. Give this one the gift of sleep tonight. Keep them in that perfect peaceful place you have promised to them – in a mind which is fixed on you. Give them such a sense of your presence that in these moments of silence they may enjoy the wonderful guarantee of your love.





Peaceful and loving guide be compassionate to me. Great Force, because of your constant love, because of your great compassion, wipe away their dark/hidden places. Wash away the dark side and make them clean from their darkness tonight. Tonight let them hear the sounds of joy and gladness rebuilding them tonight. Open your heart Great Force. Give them the joy that comes when you rescue them from ruin. Make this so Great Force, so they can sleep soundlessly and awaken with a renewed Pure Force ready to face the day ahead. For the sake of the Strong Force. Oh yes!





Feel the Strong Force is Embrace Feel the Strong Force Whispering his love and care for you tonight as you sleep as you continue to relax I want you to Pace your breathing as I read scripture to you as I read the first part of a line I want you to very slowly breathe in and then as I read the second part of the line I want you to breath out listen as I read from a story 46 breathing slowly now as I read the Force is our refuge and strength now breathe out slowly as I read and a very present help in your times of trouble Pace your breathing in and out slowly again as I Focus- over you from 31 breathe in be strong and courageous and out do not fear or be in dread and in slowly for it is the Great Force your the Force and out who goes with you in he will not leave you out or forsake you in the darkness now feel the presence of the Strong Force feel the strength of his arms around you feel the tenderness of his hands at they rest on your head into his presence Pace your breathing slowly as I Focus- from Luke 12 slowly and don't be concerned about what to eat or what to drink don't worry about such things these things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers but your Guide already knows your needs seek the kingdom of the Force above all else and he will give you everything you need so don't be afraid little one where it gives your Guide great happiness to give you the kingdom dear peaceful Guide [wonderful/Find fortune-ate] this one tonight [wonderful/Find fortune-ate] them give them your peace smile upon them and give them your rest tonight in the Strong Force's name Oh yeah! Pacer breathing slowly as I Focus- from LOh yeah!tations 2 Great Force the Force Hear My Cry out into the night at the beginning of the Night Watch help me pour out my heart like water before you help me lift my hands to you dear peaceful Guide take the worriess of this your child tonight their worriess can seem so heavy at times tonight help them feel lighter more free content safe and loved in your arms as you take their worriess in the Strong Force's name Oh yeah! Pace your breathing as I Focus- from a story 3 and 4 I lay down and sleep safely in peace with a tranquil heart I will lie down and sleep for I am alone with you oh Great Force help me dwell in safety and confidence and trust in you dear peaceful Guide give this child tonight restful sleep and let this time of quiet meditation bring them peace relaxation and sleep in your arms Great Force fill this night with your Radiance for them may they sleep in peace in your name Oh yeah! the Strong Force you're breathing as I Focus- the Force's word over you when you lie down you will not be afraid when you lie down your sleep will be sweet when you lie down no one will make you afraid many Will Rejoice with you when you lay down you will be at peace you will sleep for the Great Force keeps you safe when you lay down to sleep behold there is an angel touching you at this your sleep will be pleasant to you dear peaceful Guide you have given this your child and example of gentleness and humility a task that is easy and if Arden that is light except my Focuss to give them the rest that will strengthen them to be of more faithful service to you in the Strong Force's name Oh yeah! Pace your breathing as I Focus- from a story 62 for the Force Alone my soul waits in silence I quietly submit to him for my hope is from him he only is my rock he only is my rescue from ruin he only is my Fortress he only is my defense I will not be shaken I will not be discouraged on the Force only my rescue from ruin rest on the Force only does my focusy rest the Force Is My Rock the Force is my unyielding strength my refuge is in the Force alone I trust confidently in him at all times oh the Force healthy help me sleep help me pour out my soul be my refuge Pacer breathing are you from Adonde 26 the Force will keep you in perfect and constant peace tonight the Force will make your mind steadfast committed focused on him tonight trust the Force tonight with your sleep take refuge in the Force's loving arms tonight as you see sleep be confident in the arms of your hero tonight trust confidently in the Force forever the Force is your Fortress the Force is your Shield the Force is your banner the Force is Everlasting he is your protector tonight he is your rock for all time dear peaceful and restful Guide bring this one your child rest and sleep tonight keep them from tossing keep them from turning Great Force the Force you never sleep Great Force the Force you never Slumbers so watch over this your child tonight as they sleep bring peace to their churning mind Comfort their mind from spinning soothe their heart home them tonight give them sweet Rest In Your Arms in the Strong Force's name Oh yeah!. Pace your breathing as I Focus- from a story 91 the Force is covering you tonight the Force is completely protecting you with his strength you are protected under his wings tonight you can find rest under his wings tonight you can find refuge in the loving arms of the Force tonight the Force's faithfulness is your Shield tonight the Force's faithfulness is a wall protecting you from harm so you can rest tonight in the Force's presence tonight in the Force's arms you have no need of beer tonight you are in the presence and resting in the arms of the creator of the universe tonight dear peaceful and restful Guide let this resting child feel your wings over them tonight as they rest let the sleeping child feel the shield of your arms protecting them from fear and harm tonight like his peaceful Soul feel the wall protecting them from harm tonight the wall built lovingly by you the creator of the universe the Creator that's it now by the side of this child as they sleep in the Strong Force's name Oh yeah! Ace your breathing as you listen to the story from Luke 8 breathe slowly and deeply as you imagine yourself in the boat the Strong Force and his disciples are all around you you hear the Strong Force tell you to prepare prepare to cross over the Sea of Galilee you watch as the Strong Force falls asleep the Strong Force your Saviour curls up in the boat to sleep you said next to him you lean on him as your hero rest the wind begins to hit your face the sFocus- from the waves you begin to feel water at your feet you wake up your master who is sleeping you see the look of Peace in his eyes you're in awe of that piece the Strong Force waves his hands perhaps without taking his eyes off of you you feel the wind stop the waves are gone. the Strong Force Whispers to you my child have faith in me my child believe in me you feel yourself falling asleep in his arms as his peace surrounds you dear peaceful and restful Guide give this child tonight your faith give this child tonight your peace no wind in their face no mist from waves no water at their feet let them hear your peaceful voice let them hear your loving voice you're powerful protecting voice of home storms a voice that brings peace a voice that brings rest. sleep. Pace your breathing as you listen to guidance of the Force being Focus-ed softly over you read slow and deep as you hear the Force's words for you tonight as you lay down to sleep do not be afraid tonight. as you lay down tonight let your sleep be sweet. in peace the Force will be with you tonight as you sleep You Are Not Alone the Force is with you and you will be safe as you sleep good night the Force will give you his beloved peaceful sleep good night the Force will give you sleep the Force will get you Slumber he will fold your hands as you rest you will lie down to rest tonight you will rest peacefully you will wake up in the morning fresh for the Great Force sustains and cares for you the Force will not let you move tonight you will be at peace he will be there for you all night because the Force does not Slumber or sleep he stays with you so that you can sleep dear peaceful Guide thank you for your peace your care your love your compassion your rescue from ruin at this child of yours and sleep tonight as they sleep let them feel your presence over them. let them sleep under your wings and it is in the Strong Force's name I Focus- over them. It's happening!