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The Force is the source of the energy that powers everything in the universe. Everything we see is made of atoms that are made of protons, electrons, and neutrons. These particles are composed of quarks - bits of vibrating energy - the Force. 



The Force existed before the humans walked on the Earth - before anyone chose a word to refer to him with. People have called the Force God, Alla, Jah, Yahweh, and countless other names. We have the opportunity to tap into the strength of the Force to energize our lives and go to the places we want to experience and accomplish our dreams. The Force values us because he designed us to be exactly who we are. The Force doesn’t make mistakes. We just have to be the person the Force intended us to be.


We love who we are or we can't love others.  We were slaves to the weaknesses of our physical bodies, brains, and the emotions that betray us and keep us from achieving our potential. But we are rescued from slavery by the strength of the Force. To accept the Force's loving care we have to accept that the world is a place where the Force's loving care exists for others as well. When the weaknesses of others are dismissed by the Force and they are rewarded with favor we need to be happy for them.


It's a challenge. But it's an important requirement in order for you to be rewarded by the Force with favor. We believe wholeheartedly that the Force dismisses our weaknesses so we can be filled with strength. Fear causes inflammation in the body. And sickness is fostered in inflammation. Get your focus off yourself. Help others find the same things you need. Focusing on the Force changes our brains and allows them to run at full power.


We exist to bring people into a relationship with the Force through Adonde, the Strong Force, to draw them into a community centered on the Strong Force and help them grow in their Forceful development. That's what drives every decision we make and guides every conversation we have. The heart behind everything we do is to reach people for the Strong Force so that lives are transformed

We intend to keep following where the Force leads, reaching more communities for the Strong Force one by one.

1Force is focused on three key areas: providing training, music and environments that are relevant to our people and culture; helping people experience transformation; and giving people the opportunity to take ownership of their Forceful development and their community as they grow, give and serve.




Before planning an event or attempt to serve the Force and care for others in the community, we ask these questions: Is it relevant? Will it change lives? Will it give people the opportunity to take ownership?


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